6 Foods to Alter Your Gut Health


One of the fastest growing areas of health supplementation is gut health. Consumers are becoming more aware of how important gut health is, not just in their digestion, but also in their skin, mental health, immune system and many other areas of their health and wellness. 

Our digestive track has approximately 700 trillion bacterial cells living in it, that’s 10x as many cells as make up an adult human body. These bacterial cells make up a diverse ecosystem of numerous different species of bacteria that adjust their levels in response to the food we eat, emotional state, hormonal state, and diseases we are fighting. This diverse and dynamic bacterial ecosystem is called our intestinal flora.

Each person’s intestinal flora is very unique to them, and is important for one to properly nourish to allow one to reach their true health and wellness potential. Unhealthy intestinal flora are associated with: depression, obesity, diabetes, acne and many other diseases we are fighting today. 

Best way to nourish our intestinal flora is with PREbiotics. PREbiotics are nutrients our cells can’t digest and absorb, but our intestinal flora can. Today’s common diets are drastically depleted in PREbiotics, causing our intestinal flora to be exceptionally malnourished. Especially with the onslaught antibiotics in our food, household cleaners, soaps, and prescribed, which drastically kill the good bacteria we need to be healthy. Below is a list of foods that support a healthy intestinal flora and common foods that are poisoning our intestinal food. 

3 foods that support a healthy intestinal flora:

  1. Chicory root: containing a powerful PREbiotic inulin, which is an oligofructose that intestinal flora love.
  2. Kimchi: a traditional Korean dish that consists of fermented cabbage and other vegetables. The fermentation of these vegetables causes a potent PREbiotic to form, giving your intestinal flora the nutrients they are looking for. 
  3. Chickpeas: a nutrient dense legume that is enriched in key fibers that act as a strong foundation for your intestinal flora to grow on.

3 foods that poison intestinal flora:

  1. Sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners: Bacteria love sugar, which means bad bacteria that can outcompete good bacteria also benefit from them. This can cause a big disruption in the delicate ecosystem. Additionally, artificial sweeteners pose as a fake food for intestinal flora, greatly disrupting their health. This is why scientists believe even diet drinks cause weight gain. 
  2. Processed foods: these foods, which are common in our diets are completely removed of PREbiotics. Food companies intentionally remove the PREbiotics as a way of making them last longer, unfortunately this is at the cost of nourishing our intestinal flora. 
  3. Common meats: Today’s meats are littered with antibiotics, which not only lack the PREbiotics but aggressively kill the flora, causing great harm to our overall health.


Dr. Joshua PlantComment