5 Things You're Consuming That are Killing You


These five drinks, foods, and diets might be deemed as healthy, but could be secretly destroying your health. The solution? Implementing these nourishing alternatives into your everyday routine.


Diet Soda: Though it is not high in calories and sugar, the artificial sweeteners in many of these drinks are damaging your health. Numerous reports have shown that individuals who drink diet sodas are more likely to have diabetes, be overweight, and consume more sugar than those who have a natural alternative. 

BEST ALTERNATIVE – Drink purified water


Low Fat Yogurt: Many people look to low fat yogurt as a way of getting pro-biotics and protein without all the calories. Truth is, in lieu of fats which may control hunger and moderate blood sugar levels, low fat yogurt may have up to 40% more sugar. The increase in sugar is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. 

BEST ALTERNATIVE – Consume protein from plant sources such as Plant Protein from Zija International


Juice: Though you can’t throw all juices into this bucket, many store-bought juices are full of sugar. In fact, many juices contain much more sugar than soda. This causes a rapid insulin spike, especially since the sugar is a fructose derivative, which is associated with liver damage and metabolic disease. 

BEST ALTERNATIVE – Consume a whole food drink like SuperMix from Zija International


Bottled Water: A majority of the bottled water people are drinking is actually municipality water, meaning it is from the same source as your tap water in your kitchen. Sadly, being in plastic bottles causes a rise in plastic chemicals leaching into your water, which is associated with many metabolic and developmental challenges. Additionally, municipality water is filled with pharmacological compounds, pesticides, and other chemicals that today’s water systems aren’t prepared to remove.

BEST ALTERNATIVE – Consume purified water from a natural purifier such as the Morclēr Water Purification System from Zija International


Fad Diets: Many fad diets promote the over consumption of proteins, meats, and other heart-unhealthy and carcinogenic foods. Though these diets may work in the short-term, the long-term effects of these diets are very damaging. 

BEST ALTERNATIVE – Consume a whole plant food diet      

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