5 Powerful Supplements to Naturally Improve Erectile Dysfunction


I’m sure you’re reading this for a friend...but nonetheless there is a strong growing demand to help improve blood flow and performance for individuals wanting to be sexually active. Interestingly, the demand for improving erectile dysfunction was accidently discovered. Viagra was initially clinically tested for improving blood pressure throughout the body, however, they noticed that the individuals that were taking part had very little attrition. A typical clinical study can expect anywhere from 60-90% of people to voluntarily drop out, Viagra study however was much lower. Scientists and doctors looking into this anomaly found out why…it had marginal impact on improving blood pressure, but the men were taking it for improved performance in the bed room.

Due to the general population's stress, obesity levels, food consumption, and the infrequency of physical inactivity, it is no wonder why erectile dysfunction is at the top of the list of health challenges presented to physicians.

To look at how to improve erectile dysfunction naturally, I would recommend looking at the book Guru Life, which has natural remedies to hundreds of common ailments. However, for maximum improvement, I would also look to supplement your daily regimen with these 5 natural supplements to help improve performance in the bedroom.


Moringa oleifera: Often referred by the scientific community as the miracle tree, this botanical is not only the most concentrated source of nutrition discovered, it also has a variety of key phytonutrients that improve blood flow. Additionally, in a study of 30 different common extracts, moringa oleifera seeds were found to be the most potent, in helping to inhibit Soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH). sEH inhibitors have been reported to improve penile erection. Comparing mice fed Moringa oleifera seeds to that of the prescription drug sildenafil, and a placebo. Moringa oleifera seeds relaxed caernosum smooth muscles (allowing for greater erections), and increased sexual activity; comparable to mice fed the prescription drug specific for treating erectile dysfunction. It is important to note, that this study used moringa oleifera seeds, therefore it is important to supplement with a moringa oleifera product that contains seeds and not just moringa oleifera leaves, such as SuperMix from Zija International.


Ginseng: A systematic review of literature of clinical studies looking at herbs and supplements impact on erectile dysfunction found that looking across 24 randomized clinical trials, including 2080 patients with ED, found that ginseng supplementation greatly reduced the effects of erectile dysfunction. The confidence level of ginseng supplementation was 95%, suggesting very strong evidence in daily supplementation of Ginseng can greatly improve erectile dysfunction.


Yohimbine: Though there is limited evidence on Yohimbine with respect to improving erectile dysfunction, there is significant evidence that Yohimibine improves libido, sensation and stimulation. Suggesting that Yohimbine in combination with other herbs, will help improve desire, sensation and experience in the bedroom. This is important as other common problems associated with erectile dysfunction are a lack of desire as men age, as well as the ability to orgasm. Yohimbine supplementation may help improve both of those areas.


Beets: One of the predominant mechanisms that drives erectile dysfunction is that lack of blood flow. This is not surprising since our lifestyle including food, activity levels, stress and sleep habits all raise blood pressure, block blood flow, and have negative cardiovascular health. One of the best ways to improve blood flow throughout the body is dietary nitrates. Dietary nitrates are natural compounds found most notably in beets, that act as a mechanism of dilating vessels throughout our body through the nitric acid pathway. Many times the amount of beet consumption to get the effect can be overwhelming, therefore I would look to supplement with a beet juice or a beet concentrate formula that focuses specifically on nitrite delivery. Products such as Prime from Zija international have great promise in naturally promoting the body’s intrinsic nitric oxide pathway.


DHEA containing foods: DHEA is made from the body from certain fats and cholesterols we eat, and serves as the precursor molecule that your body converts into either testosterone or estrogen. Limitations in this precursor molecules can limit the body’s ability to naturally make testosterone, lowering levels, which thereby lower one’s desire and ability to perform in the bedroom. Foods such as avocados, moringa oleifera, coconuts and other plants that contain natural fats are enriched in fats that can readily be used as DHEA.