This Supplement Could Be Making You Sick


We have seen this vitamin supplement everywhere—usually under the claims of “improve eye health,” “purify your skin,” and “powerful antioxidant.” Vitamin A claims to provide benefits but is actually one of the most toxic synthetic supplements you can be giving your body. Despite overwhelming evidence of cancer-causing properties in vitamin A, we are finding more and more governments mandating by law that it be forced into the food chain without consent of consumers.

Not all types of vitamin A are toxic; it's actually an essential nutrient that we need to receive from our diets to live and enjoy optimal health. However, there is a growing understanding that the method in which we get our nutrients is just as important as the nutrient itself. This is especially evident with vitamin A, a nutrient that directly impacts cell division. As you can imagine, properly enhancing cell division can be great in overcoming many health struggles, including cancer. However, it is also easy to imagine improperly accelerating cell division and growth can also lead to cancer.

In 2000, it was revealed that smokers who consume vitamin A naturally through fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop lung cancer. In contrast, when individuals were given a synthetic vitamin A, they were significantly more likely to develop lung cancer. These results were ground breaking and showed the impact that natural nutrition (through food) had on health. Additionally, it evidenced how synthetic nutrients may have an opposite, negative effect on health.

Although the overwhelming evidence that synthetic vitamins can harm our body and can potentially have drastic global health implications, little is being done to remove these compounds from our diets. In fact, studies of synthetic vitamins have produced little evidence to suggest a positive impact on life expectancy or quality of life. Nonetheless, we find these synthetic vitamins in our diets, mandated by government, under the names of “fortified” and “enriched” foods.

The best way to get nutrition is exactly how the body was designed to get it, through our food. The most overwhelming evidence in improving quality and quantity of life is a whole food, plant-based diet high in nutrients, such as Moringa oleifera.


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